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Our soft tissue (especially fasciae) exhibits different qualities depending on our emotional state.

In a state of fear, the fasciae condense.

When you are happy, the fasciae usually expands.

However, we can consciously control the expansion and condensing of the quality of our tissue.

We can add the power of conscious expanding tissue from the opposite side to the power of regular muscle contraction. We also can add the power of conscious condensing tissue from the same side. 

So, we can use these three sources of power:

  • muscle contraction
  • expanding tissue
  • condensing tissue

You can combine the muscle and expanding condensing powers into one united movement.

Using less muscle power, you become more efficient and create less tension.

The power of the expanding and condensing fasciae is the secret of ‘the superhuman power’ that Cossacks and Chi Kung masters demonstrate.



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