How do users experience a Pravilo session?


Sabio - Opening brings calmness

‘’This is so good. It's like bliss. It's really very interesting, very powerful and unexpected what I feel… I've never felt this way after any modality, and I use a lot of different modalities for therapy.
I don't know where to put it… The body is in a strange positive state, very emotional and calm at the same time. It must be something with this decompression of the joints—such interesting concepts. Because we always compress when we walk, we do anything, whatever we do, the body, bones and joints are being compressed, and we never decompress them.
It's like we are being taught not to open, but actually opening brings calmness. Wow.
I feel really relaxed… You never stretch this way the whole body; it's always parts.
It's like yoga, but yoga cannot even do this; you cannot get to this position..
Oh, that lightness, so light!
It's so different... Wow!’’


Opening brings calmness

Yogi Lady - A few minutes on Pravilo feels like an hour of Yoga

‘’My experience of it was..., hanging on it feels kind of like after a few minutes of this if feels like an hour of yoga.
It's like an intense stretch, and then afterwards, you feel just floaty and kind of free and bouncy and just really zen.
It's really nice. It's the same I used to do a lot of yoga. It feels like after an hour of yoga, that's exactly the kind of feeling.’’

Yogi Lady

A few minutes on Pravilo feels like an hour of Yoga

Ryan Jones - Dancer, Teacher of Gyrotonic method, Physiotherapist and Osteopath about Pravilo

‘’You can imagine it looks intense for your eyes to see; however, the space in the spine,  there's a lot of space, and it doesn't compress the spine at all in any way.
I think this machine can benefit, you know, dancers like myself, other bodywork practitioners, and athletes.
Also, if you had an injury in your ankles or your wrists, it would also be quite good to alleviate and create some space in the joint for that synovial fluid to release back into the rest of the body.
It's interesting this idea of expanding the body and contracting the body in order to create space in the ligaments, the fascia, and the tendons; you can give those joints in themselves.
I think modern ideas around strength are about, or maybe traditional as well, it's about contracting the body. And I feel this is very much expanding the body.
I just couldn't recommend it enough to everybody; it is light for you. You have to get yourselves on this machine...
Man, this is absolutely incredible!’’

Ryan Jones

Dancer, Teacher of Gyrotonic method, Physiotherapist and Osteopath

Mary, 83, enjoys comfort and improved circulation.

‘’My name is Mary, and I am 83.
It's a very good feeling.
That's very comfortable.
I felt like I was in a hammock.
Well, it felt very good to be stretched out, particularly when the head was extended that felt very good. And it was interesting to find quite a sore place on my arm, which I didn't know I had.
I really enjoyed having my leg raised and stretched.
It makes me feel taller, and I would probably walk better.
So, it improves things.
It feels good like things are circulating.’’


83 years old, on Pravilo