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How to expand without Pravilo?


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From outside - suspending

There are a lot of ways to suspend. We can use a bar, branch, wall, ground, and bone structure. We have a whole program about how to suspend.


From inside - muscle contraction

We expand with the desire to touch as far as possible with some part of our bodies.
In the beginning, we usually do it with muscles.


From inside - without muscle contraction

Expanding and condensing of tissue is not muscle contraction! These qualities can be reached and move us without muscle contraction. Or they can support muscle contraction to move more efficiently - with less tension, to be stronger or quicker.
Expanding and condensing can be set up without movement as a predisposition or energetic circles.

Expanded, condensed or statical tissue has different qualities and will react differently. In some Chi Kung systems, energy expands from Ming Men via jang tissue and condenses back via jin tissue to Dan Tien Dantian to make an energetic circle.

Expanding and condensing usually happen subconsciously as a reaction to our emotions.
However, with a specific meditation, we can learn to control these qualities consciously, which is not easy, but opens us a long list of benefits… 


From inside by Inner Fire

Our expanding and condensing qualities have an eminent influence on our Inner Fire.
Inner Fire has expansive quality. If we have a strong Inner Fire, we expand more easily. When we have a smaller Inner Fire, we tend to condense.
On the other hand, when we expand, Inner Fire has more space and is stronger.



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