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Pravilo usually pulls our bodies symmetrically from every limb. The body naturally flows most efficiently into the space between the attachments. Pravilo balances the whole myofascial body (e.g. shortens/ loosens and weak/ strong tissue).
(E.g. I had a hip injury, and all the tissue around my hips was shrinking. I couldn't stay straight; it made my torso bend slightly, and my hip was rotated and tilted. I tried to stretch it traditionally, but it had little effect. When I started to use Pravilo to heal myself, I realised that I didn't just have shortened tissue around my hip but across my entire legs, torso and arms! Using Pravilo balanced me so I could walk straight, in the correct movement pattern, and not damage my hips more! - Tibi)

When you use Pravilo for the first time, Pravilo helps to diagnose your disbalance. It is essential to feel where it pulls you so that in the future, you know where or on which body part you need to work to balance yourself.

Using Pravilo helps straighten the spine and correct movement patterns, which can be very helpful in healing many posture issues, such as scoliosis.

Relaxing and expanding help to lower high blood pressure (hypertension).



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