Pravilo is very safe if you follow the guidelines.
You are in control, and it’s you who choose the intensity and time of expansion.
A guide attentively listens to your wishes.
Please avoid pain and high intensity; use it as you enjoy.



What could the Pravilo session look like?

  1. Introduction to Pravilo and instructions.
  2. Consultation about your health conditions.
  3. Warm up on the ground.
  4. Lie down and attach to straps.
  5. Explore your movements.
  6. Gradually lifting.
  7. Enjoy different exercises on the Pravilo.
  8. Rest & exercise a couple of times. Pravilo can be set up in different configurations.
  9. Pravilo training could be synergised with massage and sound healing therapy.
  10. Take your time to lie down to subside the feeling.
  11. Enjoy your new, expanded, relaxed body, mind and spirit…


Massage under tension


Massage therapy is usually applied on relaxed bodies. However, massage under tension (expanding or stretching) has a new quality! When massaged under tension, we manually help expand and stretch the tissue, especially the fasciae. Surprisingly, it also effectively relaxes the fibres of muscles and tendons. Massaging under tension is very intense. 
When you taste the efficiency of synergised expanding (or stretching) and massage, it’s hard to resist and do not combine it!

The Pravilo device gives the body a wide range of unique expanding and stretching positions. So, a therapist can pay full attention to massage therapy under tension.


Waving techniques


Wave is relaxing and cracking (breaking down) crystalised tissue. It also stimulates the flow of vital energy and healing,
Waving movement and expansion of the tissue are synergising with each other. Therefore, combining both to relax and vitalise the body is very efficient.
We can wave the body at different frequencies, from very slow to quick vibrations. We can swing the body and limbs or wave just soft tissue. We can also use different massage tools (e.g. goodvibes, massage gun).



Sound Healing

Another way to stimulate, relax and harmonise the body, mind and soul is sound vibration.
Vibrations of sound healing flow much more efficiently via expanded tissue than via relaxed tissue. Therefore, sound healing on Pravilo is much more profound and more intensive. Vibrations of sound healing help expand and relax our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Sound healing is lovely after Pravilo therapy to relax and calm the body.



Ways to Use Pravilo