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Focused & Peripheral Vision


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Vision is the closest physical aspect linked to our mind.
It follows that vision is a helpful tool to switch between focused and expanded awareness.


A focused vision leads to focused awareness.


Peripheral vision leads to expanded awareness.

With focused (tunnel) vision, you can see sharp details of a small point. Your view is narrower. Your attention flows to the point.
With (expanded) peripheral vision, everything is slightly blurred, but your view is much wider. Your attention expands – you can work with more perceptions/impulses.

Focused vision is good when you need to focus on one thing (e.g. one arm, one ball or one body). The problem arises when you try, with a focused vision, to keep track of more than one object, e.g. 3 limbs, 8 balls or a crowd of people. Peripheral vision is much more suitable for multitasking. You have much better spatial awareness in the expanded vision mode.



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