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Relax is the natural state of the body and mind. Tension is usually a reaction to an impulse. Unfortunately, we often have a terrible habit of subconsciously tensing up, even if it is unnecessary.

Undesirable tension affects not just the body but also the mind. Mind tension is called 'stress'.

Vital energy flows much smoother via a relaxed and expanded body. 

The tension of antagonistic muscles working against our movement - makes us slower and weaker.
Undesirable tension also consumes a lot of energy and makes you more tired.

A relaxed body quicker recovers from hard training, which helps you to increase your training plans.

In the same way that pressure makes diamonds, it crystallises tissue. Every tension is written into our tissue in the form of crystallisation. That process is one of the most characteristic parts of ageing. Crystallisation restricts our movements and often causes pain.
Therefore, it's crucial to avoid undesirable tension and stress-condensing power and actively decrystallise our tissue. The best ways to decrystalise are expanding, waving movements and massage.

It lowers your immunity and can cause many illnesses that plague civilisation, such as backaches, headaches, digestive problems, etc.
Relax affects your state of mind and emotions.

A relaxed, expanded body and mind are happier and can freely flow. It's more creative and makes fewer mistakes.

Stress is made by tension and shrinking your body and mind.

Pravilo works with the body very comprehensively; significantly, it relaxes and expands very deep tissues into our hips and torso (which is, by traditional methods, very difficult to access). Pravilo decompresses joints, discs and vertebrates. More space gives a body a chance to heal it. It develops expanding power and strengthens tendons, ligaments, fasciae and the whole tensegrity system.

The quality of the body affects the quality of the mind and Spirit…

Relaxing helps to release high blood pressure (hypertension).



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