To build up a functional Pravilo, you need the following:
– a construction/ room /trees
straps for hands and feet
winch or ballast weight
pullies and ropes

Usually, you need the assistance of another person who lifts and takes you down.

It is essential to learn Pravilo from a knowledgeable professional. Without knowledge, you can injure somebody, or in better case, you just don’t get the full potential of Pravilo’s benefits.



The construction

Most of Pravilo is made of metal or wooden constructions. The construction is the most expansive part of it. 

However, you don’t need construction if you want to make it in a room. You need just 4 fixed hooks (or 8 hooks if you want to expand along the ground) to the ceiling or wall and attach a winch. This kind of Pravilo also doesn’t break the space into rooms, so you have more space.

The same people are using trees. What a beautiful idea; however, finding trees in a suitable configuration is not easy.


Proportion of Pravilo

Some guides recommend having arms in the same line with diagonal legs – such that wrists copy straight lines to the diagonal angles. The body makes the shape of X. That means that ankles are a bit further from each other than wrists; however – between legs is the same angle as between arms.

On the other hand, some guides recommend the ‘principle of variety’ – using a wide range of variety to develop a wide range of motion and power.



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