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Pravilo is, for most people, something new. However, the concept is very ancient.

Cossacks used the concept of Pravilo for hundreds of years to heal, strengthen, and open their potential

The construction was different, but the concept was the same. The simplest way was four friends grabbing one limb of another and pulling him away. Then they used trees, bags with weights or horses to expand…

Firstly, it is good to understand that Pravilo is like a crutch that helps us open and expand our bodies, minds, and spirits. 
It gives you the experience of deep expansion and helps you to develop this quality. However, we aim to learn to expand life consciously from the inside.

These powers could be used as additional power, next muscle power, to make us stronger and more efficient
Expanding and condensing powers are not working mechanically as muscles by contractions. Therefore, the body spends less energy (oxygen and nutrients) and can be much more relaxed and fluent. These powers are feeding consciousness. So, we are developing them through mental training - meditation.

The expanded body is soft and elastic but very strong, similar to a bouncy castle for kids. Expanding power is similar to fluid, hydraulic power. That allowed Cossacks to be so adaptable - liquid but very strong with unbelievable endurance - they used less muscle power.

In Cossack tradition survived knowledge from the mother of Indo-European civilisation - from ancient Vedic civilisation

While our modern civilisation focuses on developing technology, Vedic civilisation focuses on developing consciousness.


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Pravilo gives you an instant experience of a deeply Expanded Body, Mind and Spirit. Once you have experienced it, you will look at the world in a new light.
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