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Between Sky and Earth



by Tibi Moravcik



Our posture can be created as stiff and solid as a tree. It is not a good idea to be rigid like wood. It's much healthier to have a fluid quality in the body and mind, to be relaxed, soft - and flow like water and flicker like fire.


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However, we stay. We do not passively hang on the skeleton like jellyfish or melting ice cream!
We understand how the gravitational force pulls our physical bodies down, but which force pulls us up???
It’s Vital energy. Spirit. Light. In Vedic culture, it is called Puruṣha. This Inner Fire is known as Yang energy, Chi (Qi) or Ki, Kundalini… In Slavic culture, it is called  Zhiva*.

We understand fire, and we can easily visualise the quality of fire; therefore, we will call this quality Inner Fire.
This Inner Fire gives life to every animal; it pulls all plants up to the sky.


Inner Fire pulls us up, similar to how fire lifts a hot air balloon...



So, we acted upon two main forces:
Gravity pulls us down, and Inner Fire pulls us up.

The Fire is lifting us, and we wave with our bodies as the wind waves a flag...


A relaxed, flowing body posture directly affects your emotions. You will believe in yourself- your feelings; you will see your life more positively, etc.

We don’t need to exert special effort; we just relax and let the Inner Fire create our postures.
We can feel how the Inner Fire lifts our bodies if we are sensitive.
A better position increases Inner Fire, pulling you up more…
Letting the Inner Fire lift you up creates a virtuous circle.

We desire to flow up the same way that fish swim… We don't just swim horizontally, but vertically up to the sky...



Let it flow

Inner Fire flows better through a relaxed, straight body.

We tend to passively hang down on the skeleton; we do not use the Inner Fire to lift us!
A collapsed position causes deformation of our posture and is often a cause of a backache. In a collapsed position, the flow of the Inner Fire is restricted - we have less vital energy - Inner Fire, we trust ourselves less, we are ‘down’.


In hanging position, via a screwed body, we are like a fireplace with a blocked chimney. A good chimney creates a draft to pull the fire upwards. Therefore, we must keep a nice, straight, relaxed position. The Inner Fire flows nicely and easily via the nice straight body.
Also, undesirable tension restricts not just our movements; it restricts the flow of Inner Fire. Tension makes our 'chimney' narrower.

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The Inner Fire helps you automatically flow to your optimum balance without active movement.


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Expand like fire

You can expand like fire.

Expand is the opposite force to condense force which creates stress.

Inner Fire expanding us to the sky improves our tensegrity and lowers the pressure on our discs and joints.

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Where does the concept of Inner Fire come from?


I learned the concept of vital Inner Fire from the Cossack masters. Old Slavic culture and philosophy are preserved in the Cossack tradition.
Traditional Slavic culture (before the spread of Christianity) comes from Vedic culture.
The aspect in Slavic culture is called ‘Zhiva’* and is called ‘Purusha’ in Sanskrit; in English, we would call it Inner Fire or Light, Spirit.

In Vedic culture, life is created by Purusha and Prakrti.
Purusha is the energy of Inner Fire, Light or Spirit which lifts matter (Prakṛti). This is how Fire and Matter together create Life

The Path of the Cossack is the path of the Light… Cossacks let the Inner Fire uplift them and make them lighter. Therefore, Cossacks have a different quality of body; subsequently, Cossacks flow and move so lightly...

We are lucky that today, the Cossack culture is open to us, and we can follow Cossacks on the path of Light and be pulled by Zhiva to the sky...

In martial arts, dance, etc., we can see which works with Inner Fire and which works on a solid mechanical basis… 

*ZHIVA (Živa/Жива), DIVA, SIVA - zhee-vah | dee-vah | see-vah) from Slavic "zhiv" = alive; "zhivot" = life. Goddess of life, birth, spring, fertility and love. She embodies the universal vital powers and brings live-giving forces.


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