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Power of Tensegrity


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 In essence, two mechanical systems can maintain weight:
1. compression – bracing – bracing maintains your posture primarily via the bones, joints and discs.
2. tension – hanging – hanging maintains your posture via our fasciae, tendons and muscles – tensegrity.


Tensegrity helps to hold your body weight.
In addition, functional tensegrity decompresses your discs, vertebrae & joints.

Thus, movements are easier and smoother by decreasing the chance of injuries. In addition, it makes you feel lighter. With strong tensegrity, you can flow much smoother!

Tensegrity makes our structures stronger and more elastic, similar to ropes, which strengthen the structure of tents.


How do you build up stronger Tensegrity?

  1. Expand from the ground to the sky with muscles. That would demand a lot of muscle power (vital energy) and create undesirable tension.
  2. Expand from the ground to the sky by conscious expanding (especially fasciae), which is much more efficient.
  3. Using the uplifting power of Inner Fire (fire flows to the sky). It demands an expanded and relaxed body and mind to create space for Inner Fire. And be able to feel the flow of Inner Fire to harness it and let it uplift us.


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