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The quality of expanding-open or condensing-close doesn't just benefit the body but also uplifts our emotions and way of thinking.

A bent shrank, or closed body tends to hold emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, stress, and depression
Therefore, by opening, expanding and relaxing the body, we change to more positive emotions and ways of thinking.
It can also relieve depression and help to cope with stress. 

How do football fans express their excitement when their team goals? Or what does a happy kid look like? They expand their arms and body to similar positions as people hang on Pravilo.

An open, expanded body tends to be happy, loving, curious, enthusiastic and in flow
Also, vital energy flows much better in a relaxed and expanded body and mind. That has a very positive effect on the healing process.



Mental trauma is often somatised into physical tissue. When we release the somatised tension in the physical body, it has an excellent chance to release and cope with mental trauma. Some psychotherapists are already using Pravilo to help patients with mental traumas.

We tend to resist the forces around us, which cause a lot of traumas. Pravilo is a positive example, where we can immediately feel the positive effect when accepting a surrounding power. This experience is an excellent example to help us accept and let go of many mental issues we picked up during our lives.

An open mind is more flexible and dynamic than a closed one.

In a shrunk body usually lives a submissive mind. An expanded straight body is characteristic of that of a free man. This quality is the secret of the Cossack's power and desire for freedom. Cossacks didn't have landlords; they were free and lived in a self-governed society, making decisions in circles.

Pravilo is opening our hearths. Through an open heart flows much more loving energy than a closed one. We are giving and receiving more, flowing smoother with our surroundings. The expanding quality opens us to unite, and we are more integrated parts of the Universe. We feel like we are part of Oneness again. Open people tend to collaborate rather than fight.
When closed, people feel more separated from their surroundings. They have fear and tend to perceive others as competition and enemies.

Opening and expanding has a massive positive effect on our relationships and social life. It's a condition for peace and freedom


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Pravilo gives you an instant experience of a deeply Expanded Body, Mind and Spirit. Once you have experienced it, you will look at the world in a new light.
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