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Energies flow freely if our bodies are open - expanded, and relaxed.
On the other hand, condensing power creates tension, stagnates and restricts flows.

These qualities affect practically all the flows: waves of kinetic energy, the flow of vital energy, the flow of breathing, blood, lymph, etc. The same is valid for flow as a mental state of mind.

Therefore, being aware of expanding and condensing powers is beneficial if you want to be fluid. If you are relaxed enough, you can flow like water. Nay, you can flow like a flame!
The fire quality can help us
hold our body mass and strengthen tensegrity. It uplifts us and makes our movements even lighter, smoother and more efficient. Life with flow is easier, happier and healthier.

The quality of fire can also automatically bring us to a balanced position.

We can have a fluid body without expanding and 'fire quality'; however, a body like this is much heavier. 

The expanded, relaxed body could be very soft and adaptable. The wave of kinetic energy and another flow streams freely via that body. We much more easily harmonise and synchronise with our surroundings.
Kinetic energy could work for you or against you. If you accept kinetic energy, it can power your movement - you can surf on the wave of kinetic energy. If we can't work with kinetic energy, we tend to absorb it with muscle power and move just by muscles.

Many of us believe that strength is pressure (tension). However, real power comes from softness. When you are relaxed, expanded, and soft, you are more sensitive and can quickly change the direction of your movement.

In the same way, as pressure makes diamonds, it crystallises tissue. Every tension is written into our tissue in the form of crystallisation. That process is one of the most characteristic parts of getting old. Crystallisation restricts our movements and often causes pain.
Therefore, it's crucial to avoid undesirable tension and stress-condensing power. And actively decrystallize our tissue. The best ways to decrystallize are expanding, waving movements and massage.

The quality of your body is a reflection of the quality of your mind. To have a fluid body, you need a fluid mind! The fluid mind doesn't have expectations; it can be in the present. If you let your body and intuition react instead of rational mind, your movement will be much quicker. Actually, you would flow instead of reacting.


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