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Tendons and Joints

If you passively (without muscle contraction) suspend on Pravilo, you can feel warmth across your tendons and ligaments afterwards. If you suspend them longer, you can feel them burning. That's the moment when they are strengthening!
Suspension and expansion are the natural stimulation for tissue to become stronger, dense, and compact.
Stronger ligaments are very helpful for joint hypermobility syndrome.

Strengthening tendons, ligaments, and fasciae is crucial, especially when typical strengthening focuses mainly on muscles. Stronger muscles than tendons cause many injuries! Strong tendon ligaments and fasciae are the best prevention for injuries. They are an excellent investment for mobility in the elder times.

Pravilo also strengthens our tensegrity, which puts less pressure on our joints and spinal discs.



Pravilo also strengthens our muscles in a very unique and holistic way.
It brings balance between our muscle groups and myofascial meridians.

Relaxed and stretched muscles help the body's quicker regeneration and allow you to increase your training plan.



The expansion increases bone density and makes our bones stronger.



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