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Expanding and Stretching


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There is a difference between stretching and expanding.

Stretching is based on mechanical flexion (bending an arm, leg or back). Flexion stretches muscles, tendons and fasciae in combination with a skeleton.
Stretching puts pressure on the involved joints and discs!
Stretching doesn't demand your attention.

Expansion and condensation usually have the direction of a lineplane or sphere and happen without flexion.

Expanding on Pravilo decompresses every joint and spinal disc between all straps.
Less pressure stops or slows down the detrition of joints, making space to heal cartilage.
(E.g. When I had a hip injury, the shrunk tissue pulled a hip joint so strongly into the socket that the cartilage rubbed against each other and damaged my joints. Now, Pravilo pulls my joint to its natural position; therefore, the cartilages are not damaging each other, and it has space to heal. Tibi)
It stretches the ligaments between vertebrae, releases pressure and makes a space to heal spinal disc herniation.

Expansion and condensation are qualities that significantly influence our movements; however, they don't need to be manifested as a movement. These qualities could change the conditions of our (relatively) still bodies.

Expanding could be initiated by external forces (suspending on Pravilo or bar, inversion/traction table) or from the inside by consciously focused attention - a meditation on expanding (also on condensing) quality.

Pravilo synergise stretching and expanding to make them more efficient. It holistically expands and (in some exercises) stretches all of your myofascial tracks (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fasciae) like nothing else! With rotation, you can expand and stretch different myofascial tracks 360° across the whole body! With Pravilo, we can reach access places we can't usually access. It increases the range of your motion - an essential aspect of your freedom to move.

Expanding also helps to lower high blood pressure (hypertension).
Vital energy, the Inner Fire, flows much better in the expanded body.



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