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The Effects of Ageing


How does the process of ageing affect us?
The body and mind are closing, shrinking, bending, and crystalising. We lose the flexibility of the body and usually also the mind. We have less Inner Fire - vital energy. Joints, tendons and muscles are weaker; bones are more brittle. The imbalance of the myofascial body usually becomes worse.
All these negative trends are part of life; however, we can actively slow down the ageing process!

Pravilo helps us to expand and be open for a longer time.
When we expand, we are opening to the flow of vital energy.
Pravilo strengthens ligaments (joints), tendons, fasciae, and muscles. It positively affects bone density.
An expanded body has more of the uplifting power of Inner Fire, making the body lighter - we have less pressure on our joints and discs and less crystalising force.

Pravilo is a device which keeps us younger and expands our lives!




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