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Pravilo - Expand to Life

5 Benefits


1. Stretch and Expand

Pravilo holistically stretches all of your myofascial tracks like nothing else! It stretches every joint, tendon, ligament, muscle and fascia between your ankles and fingers. With rotation, you can stretch a different myofascial complex. Pravilo stretches you across your whole body, 360°! Usually, it’s pretty difficult to stretch the spine, but with the Pravilo, you stretch your spine safely in a natural way. In addition, it takes the pressure of your body weight, which pushes us down all the time, whether we stand or sit. However, Pravilo does not just stretch you, it also deeply opens you, so – it expands you! Expand is just another name for Life, or Jang Energy. It lifts you against condensing, which is gravitational power. Condense is the power of stress, which may crystalise your tissues. The Pravilo machine can slow down the process of ageing, or can even reverse condensing/stress to the tissues. It does the opposite to this and can expand you! Read more about Expand & Condense power...  

2. Relax 

Undesirable tension consumes a lot of our energy and makes us feel tired. Your muscles, therefore, hold undesirable tension, which works against your motion. This negation of your power makes you slower and weaker. Relaxed muscles spend less energy, making you more efficient. For example, if a marathon runner releases 10% of his tension, he has about 10% more energy to run quicker. High tension can also limit your training, but on the other hand, if you relax your muscles, you could increase your training plan.  

3. Strength

Pravilo also strengthens you in unique waysFirstly, passively, you strengthen your tendons, ligaments, fascia, joints, and bones when you hang down. In the beginning, you feel a nice relaxing warmth across your body, then your tendons start mildly burning, which is comfortable and it's actually making your muscles stronger. Then you can actively contract your muscles, which lift you higher, so you can then turn if you wish to stretch your body from another angle.  

Strength your tensegrity

Tensegrity helps to hold your body weight and allows for less pressure on your discs, vertebrae and joints. Read more about tensegrity...  

4. Balance

The body flows into the Pravilo and lifts equally, so if you have an imbalance in your body, it points out the weakest part. The Pravilo shows where you are off balance and then corrects your balanced body position.  

5. Healing

I had a very painful hip joint and I was limping like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I couldn’t walk in the proper pattern as the joint was designed for, so step by step, I damaged my joint even more. The Doctors saw the only option was to have a hip replacement! I couldn’t accept the doctor’s advice, therefore I decided to build up using the Pravilo machine to heal my hip. The Pravilo relaxed the tissue around the joint, which allowed me to change the wrong compensation pattern from walking. It pulled the joint a bit out of alignment, so my cartridge of the ball-and-socket joint wasn’t compressed as much. I am not 100% healed yet; however, there is much less pain, and I can walk again! It traditionally heals many other problems with the musculoskeletal system.  

Inversion table - similar concepts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wjf_Hxn0EO8 The inversion table works in a similar way to the Pravilo, however, there are some differences, for a start, there is less pressure on the head, the arms are not expanding and the body is not bending from different angles. It is not a bad place to start, however, the Pravilo brings expansion to a different dimension and it has more aspects and a more holistic effect. Pravilo is also a strengthening tool.  

Older and injured people

For older or injured people, they do not need to be fully lifted, instead, they can be gently lifted,  5% or 20%, without any risk.  
Move Lab, Prague '21


I can visit you at your sports club, the yoga studio, festival or other premises in the UK, and around the whole of Europe, training your instructors how to use it and helping you set it up.  


Regular treatment is available at my home clinic in Tunbridge Wells.  


Tibi Moravcik +447788538272 wtibor@yahoo.co.uk  


Many human inventions can be used positively to help, or negatively to harm. The same is with the concept of expanding. In the West, it was used for torture. Fortunately, Cossacsk’s tradition used the concept of expanding positively to heal us, to make us stronger and healthier. Cossacks are known as fabulous dancers; however, they were also one of the best warriors ever! Cossack's tradition survived ancient pre-Christians, which has roots in Vedic civilisation.  Pravilo‘, has a lovely and positive connotation; it means ‘Corrector’ or ‘Adjustor’  


Gallery at studios - treatment in Yoga House Bratislava '21
Gallery at festivals - Healing festival - Brno '21
Gallery in Tunbridge Wells - Kent - UK


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEJaDFklFLg https://youtu.be/Vc9KdjQXp5Q  


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Pravilo gives you an instant experience of a deeply Expanded Body, Mind and Spirit. Once you have experienced it, you will look at the world in a new light.
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