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Focused and Expanded Awareness 


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Our awareness and attention are not straightforward;  we cannot simply deposit them into a dual system. To explain it, we simplify them in a spectrum between focused and expanded awareness, from which we gush forth focused and expanded attention.

Nowadays, when we use the term ‘attention’, we usually mean ‘focused attention’…
Focused awareness: Logical thinking is a great tool for tactics, plans, and strategy but not the best tool for initial reactions. In focused awareness, we perceive the world more linearly, in fragments.
Focused awareness is analysing the past and planning for the future.

In expanded awareness, we are not thinking; we flow in the present. We are more sensitive (e.g. we better feel kinetic energy rhythm and have better spatial awareness)

Our reactions are quicker, more natural – and more instinctive. We are opening up our intuition. Also, our ability to carry out more tasks- much better.

Expanded awareness is great for creative activities, such as dance, play, making love, combat, and sports.
In expanded awareness, we perceive the world holistically as one unit.

This illustration well demonstrates the difference between holistic and fragmental perception: the difference between the bitmap and vector methods of making a circle…

Vector – holistic method

Bitmap – linear method


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