Massage under tension

Massage therapy is usually applied on relaxed bodies. However, massage under tension (expanding or stretching) has a new quality! When massaged under tension, we manually help expand and stretch the tissue, especially the fasciae. Surprisingly, it also effectively relaxes the fibres of muscles and tendons. Massaging under tension is very intense.  When you taste the […]

Uplifting Energy

Between Sky and Earth     by Tibi Moravcik   Flow Our posture can be created as stiff and solid as a tree. It is not a good idea to be rigid like wood. It’s much healthier to have a fluid quality in the body and mind, to be relaxed, soft – and flow like […]

Fluid being & Flow

Energies flow freely if our bodies are open – expanded, and relaxed. On the other hand, condensing power creates tension, stagnates and restricts flows. These qualities affect practically all the flows: waves of kinetic energy, the flow of vital energy, the flow of breathing, blood, lymph, etc. The same is valid for flow as a […]

Focused and Expanded Awareness 

  Our awareness and attention are not straightforward;  we cannot simply deposit them into a dual system. To explain it, we simplify them in a spectrum between focused and expanded awareness, from which we gush forth focused and expanded attention. Nowadays, when we use the term ‘attention’, we usually mean ‘focused attention’… Focused awareness: Logical […]

Supple or rigid body construction

  There are two ways to build a strong body construction… The first one is building up by shrinking and tensing up. This construction is rigid. It could be firm like stone, but it also can be brittle, like a mud house.   The second one is building up by expanding. Then, our bodies are […]

Focused & Peripheral Vision

    Vision is the closest physical aspect linked to our mind. It follows that vision is a helpful tool to switch between focused and expanded awareness.   A focused vision leads to focused awareness.   Peripheral vision leads to expanded awareness. With focused (tunnel) vision, you can see sharp details of a small point. […]

Power of Tensegrity

 In essence, two mechanical systems can maintain weight: 1. compression – bracing – bracing maintains your posture primarily via the bones, joints and discs. 2. tension – hanging – hanging maintains your posture via our fasciae, tendons and muscles – tensegrity.   Tensegrity helps to hold your body weight. In addition, functional tensegrity decompresses your […]

Add power of Expansion

Our soft tissue (especially fasciae) exhibits different qualities depending on our emotional state. In a state of fear, the fasciae condense. When you are happy, the fasciae usually expands. However, we can consciously control the expansion and condensing of the quality of our tissue. We can add the power of conscious expanding tissue from the […]

Expand and Condense Body

Expanding and condensing our bodies usually happens subconsciously – depending on our emotions. However, we can expand and condense consciously by focusing our attention. You can learn a special meditation on the conscious control of our expanding and condensing body. We can expand and condense practically the whole body; however, the most significant ability to expand and condense is a fascia*. […]

How to expand without Pravilo?

From outside – suspending There are many ways to suspend. We can use a bar, branch, wall, ground, or bone structure. We have a whole program about how to suspend.   From inside – muscle contraction We expand with the desire to touch as far as possible with some part of our bodies. In the […]