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  1. Tell an instructor about your injuries or any conditions.

  2. Avoid pain and strong tension. Don't challenge yourself. Do it in such a way that you feel happy and comfortable stretching your tissue.

  3. Avoid risky movements, especially those that could affect injured parts of the body. Pravilo can help you heal some injuries, but it isn't recommended for serious injuries. If you are still determining if your condition allows you to train on Pravilo, please consult with your doctor.
  1. When the instructor lifts you, immediately inform him about any unexpected pain, unusual feelings, or sensations.

  2. Keep your fist close. If you feel your fingers are weakening to hold the straps or your foot is sliding out, inform the instructor immediately! Don't risk falling.

  3. You choose the intensity: Firstly, the instructor will lift you just partially. He then lifts you as much as you like. Turn facing down to be lifting.

  4. Do not resist Pravilo. Accept it. Let it expand you.

  5. Actively expand. Increase the effect of Pravilo by consciously expanding body, mind and peripheral vision. Visualise yourself as the Sun glowing in all directions.

  6. Become aware of free breathing. Do not hold or suppress your breathing.

  7. Try to be as relaxed as possible. Be aware of your tension.

  8. Flow keeps the body & mind on liquid quality.
    Listen to your body. When you suspend the first time on Pravilo, it will help you to diagnose weaknesses and imbalances where your tissue is shortened.

  9. Don't use Pravilo if you have consumed any alcohol or other drugs. It is recommended to relax for the rest of the day without alcohol or drugs.

  10. After Pravilo, take your time and let the feeling disappear/subside.

  11. Warm up before using Pravilo. Please ask the instructor if you need to find the best way to warm up. 
  13. Pravilo is a part of traditional Cossacks and Systema training.



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Pravilo gives you an instant experience of a deeply Expanded Body, Mind and Spirit. Once you have experienced it, you will look at the world in a new light.
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